Qleek puts content and artists that inspire you on your wall and lets you share them with people in the real world. Crafted in our digital carpentry here in Paris, it lets you pick and play your most beloved films, songs and photographs without even turning a computer on.

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Give body to your digital life

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Qleek is a beautiful way to tell who you are and what you like. It allows you to feature your most beloved songs, photographs and videos in your living room, your office or your store.

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Digital Media back to the Future


Pick and Play on the screen or speaker of your choice, the new episode of your favorite TV show, your favorite online playlist or the latest photos of your friends.




Always up to date

Because a Tapp is a bookmark of your favorite content, it links virtually to an infinity of content from all your favorite media platforms


A Modern Version of your Library


Qleek redefines digital media through combining simplicity, modernity, and sophistication. It is where the cachet of a vinyl collection meets the reality of living in the Age of iPod.